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EDI was born from the intuition of olfactively expressing the history of Italian design in a unisex perfume, also suitable for objects, from interior design to fashion design to jewelery. An artisanal perfume to tell a story that has been nourished and nourished by craftsmanship, a fragrance that combines tradition and avant-garde, know-how and experimentation and which synthesizes in a single product the essence of design that has made our country great. A strongly experiential perfume, with a solid soul, imprinted in a three-dimensional shape designed by the designer Astrid Luglio.

Starting from the functionality and essentiality that have made Italian design an emblem in the world and inspired by the olfactory pyramid that helps to define the "tenacity" (longevity) of the perfume, Diletta Tonatto has given life to a narrative composed of head, heart and base. . The top notes are volatile, sparkling and ethereal. The heart is full of petals, flowers and ambergris to represent the kindness of the lines, harmony and seductive emotional and aesthetic components. Finally the base, with notes that recall leathers, woods, and metals, defines the anchored historicity of Italian design and the very high quality of local artefacts.

EDI was chosen by Chiara Alessi, curator of the contemporary section of the Triennale Design Museum 2018 (Milan, April 14, 2018 - January 20, 2019), to become an integral part of her installation for the eleventh edition of the Museum. Alessi stages a shop, a huge truly functional vending machine, to represent, between provocation and realism, the history of design of the Bel Paese. Because today the designers are the entrepreneurs, the producers, the artisans, the makers… Among the product-works that visitors can buy, there is also the perfumed creation by Maison Tonatto.

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