Smell, today, you have to it to keep alive a little-known option which puts us, so intimately and profoundly, in contact with reality and imagination.

Tonatto Profumi, turin-based perfume maison, represents the excellence of Italian perfumery in the world. Born in 2000, today the brand expresses the excellence of perfume craftmanship: a perfect combination of tradition and innovation that results in a variety of products able to touch the deepest chords of the soul.

Led by Diletta Tonatto, the Maison’s best expression finds its place in the Olfactory Galleries of Rome and Turin, opened respectively in 2011 and 2015. In these unique Galleries, you can discover all the fragrances of the maison, but also rediscover the art, music, literature and cinema through the sense of smell, stimulated with special olfactory installations.

All products in the collection are made using the oldest and most traditional techniques of haute perfumery. Alcoholic processes are filtered by hand, drop by drop, into lots that never exceed 50 liters, a refined balance between craftsmanship and innovation, adopting the best raw materials. All this translates into a real ritual, which makes Tonatto Profumi’s fragrances, extremely wearable scents that follow the movements and the passage of the hours without ever becoming intrusive. Tonatto Profumi, as well as product quality, is also attention to detail: Italian colored paper, serigraphs in sheets of brass and vintage pumps, render the products of Maison appreciated throughout the world, positioning itself in the luxury sector.


Tonatto Profumi, is not only product, the fragrances of the maison, in their body and the home declinations, in fact, offer the opportunity to outline one’s olfactory portrait and complete the identity of the environments in which we live. There is a real olfactory culture behind the brand that passes first through the experience, to be lived on the body. An active experience to be lived at the Olfactory Galleries, with the various workshops offered by Tonatto, or in the most familiar places such as our own home. Here, thanks to the interaction with specially designed objects that invite to a sort of intimate greeting, almost a ritual, people can engage in an olfactory journey, and (re) find their proxemic space, establishing a connection with the elements, body and time in which they live.


The company collaborates with leading museums and exhibitions, interpreting evoked olfactory appearances in famous works of art such as paintings, sculptures, moving images and notes that vibrate the air.

In 2017, the maison continues its path related to art, creating an olfactory portrait for one of Caravaggio's works: "The Supper at Emmaus." The work is then studied under a new key to offer visitors a unique experience, which involves the sense of smell as well as sight. An unexpected fragrance, a strong symbolism and a secret ingredient that has emerged through collaboration with Generoso Urciuoli, archaeologist and author of "Archeoricette". Through the knowledge of Urciuoli, Tonatto has learnt about the habits of the first century d.C., the same habits painted by Caravaggio in 1601, capable of giving the work an olfactory component unique and authentic of its kind.

In 2015 Tonatto Profumi collaborated with Studio65 - design firm known for helping to revolutionize the aesthetics of the cabinet since the 60s - for the exhibition, which took place at GAM in Turin, "The Merchant of Clouds. Studio65: 50 years of the future. " For the occasion, "The Scent of the Sky" was created, which characterized the Roome of the Sky at the exhibition with an ethereal and enveloping fragrance. In the same year Tonatto Profumi, in collaboration with Enrica Antonioni and 28 Gallery, presented the exhibition "olfactory journey through Michelangelo Antonioni's world." Visiting the Olfactory Galleries of Rome and Turin the works of the Master Antonioni are accompanied for the first time by olfactory representations.

The Turin based maison has always been involved in social projects directed to foundations and non-governmental organizations that identified in the olfactory stimulation support to the activity of recovery of people who have experienced trauma of various kinds.

In November 2014 on the eve of the International Day Against Violence Against Women, Tonatto Profumi supported the international event RESPECT ME! diffusing in the exhibition area of the Maxxi Museum, Hypatia perfume.

In 2011, thanks to a special collaboration with "Lacasadipinocchio", the fragrance “Fumne “ comes to live by the work of the detainees of the "Lorusso and Cutugno" jail of Turin. It is indeed a fragrance born inside the prison, that gave the ability to inmates to know the raw materials and the technique of perfumery and therefore to approach to world of beauty and art.


Since 2002, the maison is present in the hotel industry in collaboration with La Bottega, leader in the field of hotel supplies. It is either with a bespoke fragrance or with an existing scent that some of the most prestigious hotels in the world have decided to characterize their spaces and welcome their guests. Amongst many, these hotels have decided to enhance their spaces with Tonatto Profumi creations: Villa Crespi, Hotel Danieli, Park Hyatt di Milano, San Clemente Palace Hotel, D-Hotel Maris, Hotel Danieli, Silversea Cruises, Gruppo Langham , Senato Hotel Milano, Eden Roc at Cap Cana.


The Olfactory galleries in Rome and Turin, are places that bring together, in a single environment, cultural experiences that the brand has experienced in the many years of work. In the galleries visitors, thanks to special installations, can discover special fragrances ever marketed and approach, through the sense of smell, some of the greatest masterpieces of art, from "The Lute Player" by Caravaggio to the "Magic Flute" by Mozart, the "Spring" by Botticelli to "Leopard" by Luchino Visconti all the way to to "Profession Reporter" by Master Antonioni. Inside the galleries, in the lecture hall, workshops are organized, where participants can access the olfactory organ, which houses hundreds of olfactory notes that represent the true artistic heritage of the maison, to create their own unique formula.


  • 17 years of excellence in the field of perfumery expressed in different forms: Fine Fragrances, Home Fragrances and Cosmetics
  • 22 fragrances declined in body and home collection
  • 70 % of women employees
  • 2 olfactory galleries
  • 1 Laboratory: particularly important because it allows the company a continuous research and product development, secrecy of formulas and detailed control of each production
  • 1 e-commerce, ever expanding
  • 46 countries perfumed
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