Tonatto, an Italian high perfumery house, now led by Diletta Tonatto, is an expression of Italian style, elegance, timeless taste and innovation. In the Tonatto laboratory in Turin, the constant commitment to the search for raw materials - only of the highest quality - and the anthropocentric philosophy generate a concept that translates into the response to the too fast pace of contemporary life: more connection, more feeling, more wonder in authenticity, less stress. Using high perfumery techniques combined with slow perfumery principles, Tonatto represents the artisan excellence of Italian perfumery. The house's fragrances are characterized by an iconic identity, by a perceptive 'personality' that makes them recognizable and distinguishable, because they are unique and sophisticated in their authenticity. Through the profound connection of its fragrances with symbolism, nature and society,

Tonatto, in its twenty-year history, has had the honor of scenting Royal Palaces such as Buckingham Palace in London, the villas of actors such as George Clooney and many of the most luxurious hotels in the world: from the Eden Roc in Cap Cana to the Park Hyatt in Milan, Zurich and Dubai, passing through the Danieli Hotel in Venice.


Diletta Tonatto creates a new perfumery, the perfume of the future is transcendental and symbolic, it speaks of a historical present and subjectivity in the community, it is interaction and integration between the external and internal world, and is personalized in all its aspects. It amazes us, connects and makes us feel.



*Slow perfumery

Having a laboratory where all production takes place allows Tonatto control over the entire production chain and production process. The improvement of our high craftsmanship techniques and the exclusive use of high quality ingredients, together with the abolition of standard times for the creation of a fragrance, give life to a Savoyard-based perfumery characterized by elegant Italian style, that apparent simplicity, linearity typical of Italian design which is wonderfully translated by TONATTO perfumery. Thus was born a perfumery that respects time, the environment and waste. A Slow perfumery.


Tonatto Profumi is part of Exclusive Brands Torino: the network of companies promoted by the Industrial Union of Turin for the development and promotion on foreign markets of a selection of excellent brands and products from our territory.

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