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Re-generate is an experiential perfume that reflects and provides a space to engage with being in between, ambiguity is presented and dualism of existence challenged.

A walk into the forest, foggy, humid, earthy and wild. A drop of sweat. Amber. Metal. 



Attraction and repulsion are simultaneously activated; the human and animal are vis-a-vis and represented by woods, humidity, earth, animal notes where it all alludes to a hunt in the forest. Then a drop of sweat, fear perhaps? Adrenaline? Passion and love alternate with ratio and human ambition leaning towards power and control. These are felt in the heart of the perfume where amber meets metal.

LIMEN used artificial intelligence to analyse the digital data of the immersive experience held by the innovation company TheDive, then Limen Digital in an accord of technology and human performance, created the scent.  

The analysis of the data shows an attitude to friendly and cooperative behaviors; a high level of intellect matches with a very low inclination to be impulsive in the decision making. Desire for collaboration and willingness to take no risk. It is important to note that the results show an ambiguity that is expressed in most of the values being in the middle, there are no extreme, and probably this reflects our current time: after that pandemic affected all of us with extreme changes, we are looking for calm and reassurance, but also, we are still oscillating between fear and calmness and curiosity.


A project  by  LIMEN Digital by Diletta Tonatto & Michele Tiberio



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